For anyone not familiar with the term, a taxonomy is a way of defining distinctive categories within a system. The purpose of this project is to begin moving towards a more complete, thorough, expansive understanding of horror sub-genres. This taxonomy is by no means exhaustive, so if you have input for how to further break down each category, aspects of certain categories that you think I should include, or general questions/comments/etc. please feel free to contact me via the feedback form on my author bio page.

I’ve broken the horror genre down into 10 sub-genres and 3 additional non-sub-genre classifications. Each page includes a full breakdown of the category with descriptions for each classification. Additionally, each classification includes a list of films that exemplify that particular corner of the horror genre.

This is an ongoing project, so individual pages and lists will open as I complete them.

Sub-Genre Classifications

Non-Sub-Genre Classifications

  • Styles in Horror
  • Horror Film Movements
  • Horror Crossovers


Image Credit: United Artists © 1976

Author: Geneveive Newman