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Paranormal Film List

List of 5 paranormal horror films that either solidify or challenge sub-genre conventions.

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Sex, Death, and Paperbacks: The History of Giallo Cinema

This podcast kicks off the newest series on art house horror! In this episode, I’m talking about the history of giallo cinema and analyzing Sergio Martino’s 1972 film, Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key.

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Murder Will Out: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Teenage Cynicism

On late ’90s and early ’00s TV horror and centuries-old traditions of superstitions regarding murder.

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Sonic Horror Geographies: Hush (2016), Gender, and Disability

This stand-alone episode looks at Mike Flanagan’s 2016 film Hush. Hush is a horror film about Maddie, a young writer who is deaf and mute and who has recently moved to a secluded cabin in the woods. The film details one harrowing night when a serial killer arrives at her home.

Content Notice: This podcast contains discussions of rape, gendered violence, graphic depictions of injury and physical/mental harm, ableism, and imprisonment, as well as audio clips from the film that some listeners may find disturbing.

This podcast was originally published on The Coachella Review’s blog which can be found here:

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WORMS!: Parasites, Disease, and the Threat of What We Can’t See

This stand-alone podcast is a short discussion of Ariel Schulman’s and Henry Joost’s 2016 epidemic horror film Viral. The film stars Analeigh Tipton (Warm Bodies), Sofia Black D’Elia (Project Almanac), and Travis Tope (The Town That Dreaded Sundown [2014]) and follows two sisters’ attempt to survive both the impending apocalypse and lethal military intervention. This podcast looks at how this specific kind of epidemic horror functions in the broader landscape of the genre, and what the possible significance is for specific types of disease vectors in cinema.

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Paranormal Horror

A taxonomy that breaks down the horror genre into a moderately comprehensive collection of sub-genres, each with their own list of must-see films. This section deals specifically with paranormal horror films.

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Backwoods Horror Films List

Horror list focused on rural/urban conflict that includes historical and recent films.

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Murder Mystery Films List

List of must-see films for the Murder Mystery section of my taxonomy of horror sub-genres.

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Giallo Film List

List of must-see films for the Giallo section of my taxonomy of horror sub-genres.

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