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Final Girl

1970s Slashers and the Radical Reimagining Female Representation

This is a standalone/follow-up podcast to my last episode on American slasher films. In this episode I discuss early slashers from the 1970s, the Final Girl trope, and complex personhood. I look at The Last House on the Left, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Carrie as prototypical films that define and develop the trope which has become a major feature of the horror genre.

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Show Notes:

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“Go Cart – Drop Mix” Kevin MacLeod (

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Episode 6: Scream and the Meta Final Girl

The last podcast in this series covers the various iterations of gendered tropes in the MTV series Scream and how gender and violence intersect in metafictional horror.

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A taxonomy that breaks down the horror genre into a moderately comprehensive collection of sub-genres, each with their own list of must-see films. This section deals specifically with (serial) killer films.

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Episode 5: Ms. Ives, The New Old Final Girl

Penny Dreadful, having premiered at South by Southwest and airing on Showtime, is a “quality TV” version of episodic horror.

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Episode 4: Women on the Darknet

Darknet is an adaptation of the Japanese series Torihada (2010-present), and exists as something between a web series, an interactive TV anthology, and a Canadian network series.

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Where Ireland, Decolonialism, and Weird Fiction Meet (Pt. 5)

The final installment for this blog series wraps up my discussion of Portrait of a Zombie and covers zombies, gender, and hermeneutical phenomenology.

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