This series discusses Caitlín R. Kiernan’s 2012 novel The Drowning Girl: A Memoir and Bing Bailey’s 2012 post-apocalyptic horror mockumentary Portrait of a Zombie. Both the novel and film are considered in relation to neocolonialism, haunting, and exorcising heteropatriarchal colonization.

Part 1

This installment previews the concepts and ideas to be explored in this blog series, and critically addresses constructions of monolithic identities, especially problematic notion of a singular, normative, Irish identity.

Part 2

This installment delves into the intersections of gender and sexuality in The Drowning Girl. Further this installment analyses where gender and sexuality intersect with mental illness and haunting in The Drowning Girl.

Part 3

This installment discusses gender identity, Irish folklore, and formal experimentation in The Drowning Girl.

Part 4

This installment covers haunting as a contagion and begins my discussion of Bing Bailey’s 2012 film Portrait of a Zombie.

Part 5

The final installment for this blog series wraps up my discussion of Portrait of a Zombie and covers zombies, gender, and hermeneutical phenomenology.

For the complete list of references used in this series and full citations, please see this page.

Image Credit: Caitlin R. Kiernan © 2012


Author: Geneveive Newman