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“Heroic Vampire Bullshit”: Lesbian Desire, Vampires, and Queerness across Iterations of Carmilla

In this episode I discuss queerness, political potential, and iterations of Joseph Sheridan La Fanu’s Carmilla.

Image Credit: U by Kotex © 2014

Show Notes:

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Fandom and the Resurrection of Fear in Millennial Horror

This stand-alone podcast covers stardom, fandom, and horror film reboots.

Image Credit: Dimension Films and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer © 2006

Episode Notes:

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1970s Slashers and the Radical Reimagining Female Representation

This is a standalone/follow-up podcast to my last episode on American slasher films. In this episode I discuss early slashers from the 1970s, the Final Girl trope, and complex personhood. I look at The Last House on the Left, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Carrie as prototypical films that define and develop the trope which has become a major feature of the horror genre.

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Show Notes:

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“Go Cart – Drop Mix” Kevin MacLeod (

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