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Episode 6: Scream and the Meta Final Girl

The last podcast in this series covers the various iterations of gendered tropes in the MTV series Scream and how gender and violence intersect in metafictional horror.

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Episode 5: Ms. Ives, The New Old Final Girl

Penny Dreadful, having premiered at South by Southwest and airing on Showtime, is a “quality TV” version of episodic horror.

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Episode 4: Women on the Darknet

Darknet is an adaptation of the Japanese series Torihada (2010-present), and exists as something between a web series, an interactive TV anthology, and a Canadian network series.

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Episode 3: Shining Potentiality

After a much-longer-than-expected hiatus, here’s the third podcast in the Everything is Liminal series! It covers The Cold War, gender, haunting, and radical political potentiality in The Shining.

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Episode 2: Running from the Apocalypse

This second podcast delves into the post-apocalytic imaginary, the politics of settler colonialism, and the agentive power of vocalization.

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Episode 1: Falling Spectres

This first podcast jumps us into the concept for the series and explores the intersections of politics, history, and media by taking a close analytical look at the 2013-present series The Fall.

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