For those of you who’ve followed my podcast for a while, you may already be aware that I’m heading into my second year of a PhD program at the University of Pittsburgh in Film Studies and English, so I’ve had next-to-no time to put new content out here.

That said, You all have been on my mind, especially this summer. I had hoped that I’d have more time to write and podcast over the last few months but I’ve been trying to pick up a new language (German, as it happens. The language in general is a requirement for my program so it isn’t just for fun). I’ve also been working on a very exciting horror-related project at Pitt that I’m not sure I can talk about yet, but if you know anything about some of the recent developments in horror studies here you might be able to guess. All of this said, I do have something for you all in the works that should be happening in the next few weeks! Also, keep an eye out for my work on other platforms/at other publications, I’ll try to cross-post here as much as I can, given different publication rights.


Curious about what I’ve published already? I’m including a (very short, unfortunately) list below. These links are mostly to pages behind paywalls, which I have no control over much to my disappointment, but at least it’s all here for you to access if you can get to it through a local library or something. On that note, go support your local library, talk to your librarian about helping get access to this stuff, have a lovely conversation, whatever, just be nice to librarians and support their efforts to unionize (see here: United Library Workers – Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh)!


Scott Richmond, Cinema’s Bodily Illusions Review

Sense8 Roundtable (I don’t love linking to Academia . edu, it’s bad, but that’s the only place this is posted at the moment)

Neverending Nightmares and the Epistemology of Mental Illness and Horror Gaming (see note above. Also, I can’t find a copy of the actual article, so you’ll either need to do some digging or contact the editors since I think the issue it’s in is out of print)



Last quick note: best horror film I’ve seen recently is Midsommar. It definitely has some issues, especially in terms of disability (this cannot be overstated) but it’s a truly spectacular exploration of grief and grieving with some interesting things to say about gender. Also a few nods to the toxicity of academia, which is always cool. Definitely recommend seeing it when you can but keep in mind content warnings for suicide, drug use, and ableism.